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Mie Tarik Kangkung Ayam @ Mie Tarik Laiker, Kuningan City

Wow, this mie is so tasty. I love their broth so much, everything feel so great. The noodle is thick yet so soft and the vegetable is crunchy. Just perfect in my bowl.

After a busy crazy tiring day, this is what really can make my tummy happy and bring a big smile in my face.

Simple Beef with roasted carrot n potato

Who said great food should be complicated? My dinner tonight is so simple. I just grill my beef with butter, no seasoning at all because I really want to taste the beef, not salt nor pepper or barbeque sauce. It take only few minute until it done, I love my beef medium.

For side dish, I got carrot and potato and garlic, just thow it on the pan after the beef done, add a little more butter and a pinch of pepper. I don’t add salt because the butter has it.

Just when you feel it tender enough, then lift up and plate it. I add “sambel trasi” instead of barbeque sauce and it turn to be so great, so yummy, love it all when it mix together in my mouth.

So don’t worry to create your own recipe, there is no right or wrong when it is about food, as long as it eatable, it’s great.

Happy cooking n bon appetite.

Cheese Burger @ Burger Blenger, Bintaro

Dispite all burger from international chain fast food, this burger is my favorite.

Well the bun is ordinary, soft and sweet. The beef is quite juicy and the vegetable is fresh. What make me always want is the mayonaise, it blend with everything quite well, so great.

Aaah, my mouth watering just to talk about it, so execusive me… and please this is not for sharing. ^_^

Coffee Latte at Cheese Factory

Blueberry Cheese Cake @ Cheese Factory, Tebet

Indomie Kuah rasa tom Yum with lot of Shitake Mushroom, Garlic and Egg.


Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad dish commonly found in IndonesiaMalaysia and Singapore

My Rujak today contents are mango, papaya, pineapple, jambu (rose apple) and bengkoang with not to spicy peanut sauce. 

Sticky Rice with banana and peanut

Mirip klepon



Khao Swavy Kai