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Banana Pancake

This pancake is one of yummy Pattaya street food. You can easly spot it any where around.

The unique of the dish is how to make it. The seller have dough like the one that use to make martabak. But instead of vegetables, he put banana inside. How he fry it all the same with how to make martabak.

After it done, put some milk (susu kental manis) and chocolate pasta.

Matcha Au Lait

My new favorite for afternoon break. The perfect mix of matcha and milk brought me up. Wanna try?


My coffee n donut for this afternoon

Singaporean Ice Bread

New way to enjoy ice cream and bread. Just prepare a nice slice of bread and fill it with ice cream, any ice cream. The hard one is better, so it’s not melt quickly. But soft ice cream will be one also, especially if you like to play dirty *winkwink* ^_^

Coffee n Donut

Ice Cream n Oreo

Oreo n Ice Cream

Enjoy Durian Egg Tart from Golden Egg to celebrate my birthday… yummy

Poffertjes @ Lekker Bekker, Mall Alam Sutra

Timlo Ajam @ Lekker Bekker

The simple way to make a girl happy, treat her some sweet from @colettelola n you will win her heart ^_^

Beer vs Coffee

I am a coffee lover and not, well I almost never drink beer. But it good to know how your brain react to beer or coffee.